Re-brand/3D illustrations/marketing
brochures/press ads/animations
email marketing and fulfilment

Re-branding a well established name in the sound insulation sector

The task has been to evolve the company logo from a recognisable design to something new but in keeping the brand recognition. The design process has been expanded into re-creating product data sheets and updating imagery. The new colour scheme, logos, illustrations and design work is now being used across all media platforms.

Out of date 2D illustrations have been re-drawn to create realistic textured 3D illustrations. These are now used across all marketing material including data sheets and the new SRS website.

Each of the products in the SRS range needed their own identity. This was achieved by creating a colour swatch and adding the product name to the new logo design. Enhanced by the new 3d illustrations the brand has evolved but is still recognisable.

Installation Videos

A range of installation videos have been created based on the 3D illustrations. These enable our client to show exactly how to install each product with total control over the video content and without having to shoot on video and spend hours editing.