• Appointment making for sales reps
  • CPD appointment making
  • Campaign follow up calls
  • market research calls

Stop Talking!

The day to day running of your business often prevents you from generating new business? We offer all types of telesales services which can support you and your sales team when you need it. We are trained in AIDA and DIPADA sales, we ask the right questions, we can spot a buying signal, we know how to negotiate, we know how to close a sale and we are good listeners. Equally as important we know when to stop talking...

Appointment Making

One of the most effective and basic telesales services we offer is a targeted campaign to your audience making appointments for you to attend. This approach is carefully thought through so that your target audience feel a benefit from meeting with you. The meeting could be for a CPD presentation, a sales meeting or simply a follow up call from an exhibition or marketing campaign.

Market Research

Market research is a term often brought up in sales meetings but considered time consuming when done internally and expensive when outsourced. We have the resources to make 1000's of calls on your behalf at affordable rates. Our experienced telesales team are very personable and trained to do the job. We meet with you directly to take a brief, we conduct the calls on your behalf and then we present the market research back to you in the form of a document.