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CPDs and Infographics

How do we engage the audience?

The answer, and the key to a successful CPD presentation, is factually interesting and visually engaging content. Fail at either of these and your audience will switch off. Greater use of imagery and photography and less reliance on wording is vital.

A presenter is more convincing when talking freely against a backdrop of complimentary imagery than reading content verbatim that the audience can see on the screen.

It also helps if the presenter has a warm personality and is dressed appropriately for the occasion.

How do we do it?
Three steps to 3D...

1. Re-drawn profile

We take your existing flat profiles and re-draw it.

2. Extruded profile

We then extrude the re-drawn profile, specifying angles and perspectives

3. Rendered 3D version

Finally we add textures - these can be specified by you using real life finishes - shading and lighting.