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Working as a team is the secret to success!

Dural continue to grow at pace year on year, 2016 being no exception.

Our contribution has been to create a marketing strategy and to plan and buy across print and online. We have also been responsible for their branding which includes the design of adverts, brochures, websites, exhibition banners and illustrations.

We work closely with the Dural management and sales teams on a regular basis which has helped us to understand their products and services.

We are very proud of our contribution with this client and watching them grow in the UK over the past five years has been a career highlight.

We engaged Simon in 2009 with a very clear brief. We needed sales.

Their efforts have helped us achieve incredible results. They have always listened to what we wanted to achieve and come up with ideas to help us get there. Working closely with Simon and more lately Chris has always been a pleasure and most importantly it's given us growth.

thumb Gerard Caygill
Managing Director, Dural U.K. Ltd.

Planning and Buying Marketing Strategy

Advert Design

Often photography alone is not going to enhance your marketing strategy. In these circumstances, we can design the environment that your products are used in to create an attractive visual. At a glance, this explains to the viewer what it is you are selling. The example shown here is for Hush Acoustics who manufacture systems that are hidden in floors, walls and ceilings.

Infographics Brochures

Exhibition Presentations

3D Product Illustrations